Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Egg timers scattered throughout the vegetation

Decades are seaweed dangling from our hands as we gesture. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. There is something in the middle of the pond. Emergence is imminent. Counting would have to know what entities are the ones that count.
    This March, the surrealist group in Leeds, still considered a young group, celebrated the 20th anniversary of the "New Man" game which constituted the group in a profound sense (the group was in fact launched already the preceding year).
    At the same time, the surrealist group in Prague celebrated their 80th birthday (it can be argued that surrealist activity in Prague has been continuous ever since 1934, but it has hardly been uninterrupted, going through a large number of reorganisations and clandestine phases).
    The years themselves are hardly significant, but the experience they signify is, and the celebration itself may be, and the conjunction of celebrations would perhaps seem to. If we are looking for emergences, and synchronisation mechanisms, that is. Or just vast piles of seaweed, new man or not.

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