Tuesday, June 3, 2014

editorial for now

An icecrawler, with glycol in its blood or not, still takes a nap now and then.
    At the same time as Blogspot statistics showed that The Icecrawler/Heelwalker actually had quite a lot of readers, contributions ran thin. Designed as a collective project, it had then become too dependent on its editor, and when contribitions had since long run short and the editor's capacity was reduced or rerouted, the site had to become dormant. Maybe this is not surprising, considering for example that three of the individuals adding the most input to the general discussion as well as occasional individual texts all currently have their individual blogs. (Does this mean that they are modern enough so that they have an organic relationship with their computer and act through it more directly than they do through discussions and agreements with others, or does it mean that they are traditional enough to simply prefer working with their individual name or nickname as the accumulative heading? Ah, never mind.) (In this particular area, I don't know if it needs to be said that this does not imply that group activity as such is disrupted.) Or does it mean that Icecrawler is an obsolete project that fails to enthuse most of its instigators? Or shall we believe in some natural cyclicity? We'll see. We shall at least not masochistically assume an imperative to frequently update just as a way to argue to ourselves that we exist or to maintain someone's attention at any price. In fact we may even deliberately prefer to keep far away from that logic. A more thorough understanding of what we can do in the illumination from surrealism, and a more thorough understanding of surrealism itself, are not topics that will contest for the attention of the bored general public one week and be outdated the next week. While we must of course recognise the inevitable fact that less frequently updated sites are sites which are less frequently visited looking for updates. Well, this is all in the manner of messages in bottles anyway. A trail of bottles in different colours nightly rocking by our little stretch of coast. The beach forager who finds them is no less random and chosen than the troll who releases them.
    The Icecrawler have just been updated with a large number of items. Some are older, and placed further below to simulate the blog's chronological structure, while others are more recent: in assorted topics, including some discussion over items in the recently published vast surrealist anthology What Will Be.

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