Saturday, October 10, 2009

Inflated flounders revisited and multiplied

NN's question about the strange sea creatures he was dreaming about a while ago (inflated flounders?) seems to have got an answer with a piece of recent news from National Geographic. Now, does this mean that the acronym SOMS means Semi-solid Obese Marine Sentiences?

This might also be a good opportunity to point out to those that haven't noticed that the Icecrawler has increased its circle of sibling blogs. The terrestrial cephalopod cites the blob news too, and the Biografier åt okrossbara hälleflundror is named after the unbreakable halibuts. These two have a similar focus on poetic investigations, the one in english and the other in swedish. A third sibling, Kormorantrådet or The cormorant council, seems to be eventually switching to english for most of its dream geography enquiries.