Monday, September 28, 2015


merdarius's linklist at the Stockholm surrealist group webpage, "Surrealism links", was incepted in 2009 and was sometimes referred to as the "ultimate" or "standard" surrealist linklist. However it was only unsystematically updated. Maintaining such a comprehensive list is a lot of work and not necessarily of the more pleasant kind. A major update of its central parts has been done now, and the whole list moved to a new location for easier access (and now with explicit disclaimer as to responsibility for keeping it up-to-date).
Pages die, surrealists die, surrealists pop up, maybe-surrealists pop up, surrealists change their mind as to whether they want to have a webpage, criteria are refined, evaluations as to who might possibly fulfill criteria change. A 2015 overview remains historically interesting. Who managed to stay in the shade? Who have wholeheartedly embarked on the currently most popular social media rather than blogs and personal webpages and for how long? Who consider themselves public figures or not? And of course the rate of webpresence, especially so webpresence connected with a personal name, is very different in different countries, but also in different personalities...

The new list is called Desmatorium surrealistorum

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Anonymous said...

would be curious to see more on the comics - checked out a few from the list and enjoyed.

Other maybes: michael deforge, mark beyer, Alejandro Jodorowsky, junji ito, suehiro maruo (panorama island i liked anyhow)