Thursday, July 9, 2015

Surrealism and philosophy V

When I expressed regrets that Georges Sebbag’s groundbreaking book about surrealism and philosophy had such a limited time scope, focusing on the 20s only, Sebbag replied that this was only the first part. He was himself working on the second part which would be more about the 30s and more deeply involve the relationships with Hegelian philosophy, while a possible third part, sorting out the strangely unexplored relationship with poststructuralism or at least some of its more interesting strains in the 60s, he resignedly stated that someone else will have to write.

But then, a few years later, Sebbag himself now publishes ”Foucault Deleuze - Nouvelles impressions du Surréalisme”, providing a case study of the attraction of these two popular philosophers to surrealism. I have not yet had the time to reach far into this book, and as usual am uncertain how far language will allow me; but isn’t this a kind of book that one could expect english-language publishers to be interested in?

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