Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bibliotheca onthoplanctorum

– working out grandiose galleries inside the protected environment of a drying cowpat

Some of merdarius's deeds are intended to be a little more longlived, and often they end up at the Stockholm surrealist group webpage.

Some time ago, merdarius got his own linklist there, which is one of the most comprehensive yet reasoned compilation of surrealist links available, and now, we announce that pdfs of merdarius's writings from this blog (and those of some other author's subjects based in the Stockholm surrealist group) have now been made available in the form of a pdf library.

Indeed screen reading and typographical restrictions imposed by blog/website presentation/software are not the most suitable for long theoretical texts, and these pdfs will indeed make the material far more (technically) readable.

We are also interested in the images surfacing of the architectural/structural properties of this library, which ghosts haunt it, who the librarians are and what education has been proper for them, etc.

A few things are of interest regarding common themes that are common on this site, without having been presented here earlier, as well.

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