Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Multiplying the dream sciences

We made a lot of friends in hell. We promised we would try to replace some of the current sciences no matter the consequences. We'd focus on dreaming. We have been working a lot recently with dream geography, and as surrealists we have always been busy with dream phenomenology and dream poetics, occasionally with dream interpretation (Traumdeutung), dream analogies and dream->waking life dynamics, there have also been some efforts in dream demographics, dream geobiography, dream metereology, dream zoology, and external conditioning studies (which is of course just a branch of dream construction theory and therefore of poetics and mythogenesis). The latest vanguard attempt in the latter is made with a statistical approach applied on what - as far as we know - was the first surrealist antarctic expedition, which just has succesfully ended and is more thoroughly chronicled elsewhere. This is how JE introduces the report on this particular topic:

A general and interesting question in relation to dream research is in what
way changes in the external environment influence the imagery, intensity,
geography and sequences of the dream life. In order to investigate such
changes one would have to take careful notes of dreaming each night for an
extended period of time prior to, during and after the change of
environment. Dream life would then have to be scrutinized by statistical
analysis in order to facilitate some objective conclusions. If no
statistical analysis is made, it is easy to focus on and compare only those
dreams that have a high emotional intensity, with striking imagery. This
would, however, obscure a comparison of the more common dream elements
that populate the nightly experience without carrying too much weight in the
daily reminiscences. On the other hand, the statistical analysis should take
into account the differences in the imagery without consideration of the
intensity of the images, as well as comparing peak images with one another.


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